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CEO at Vimeo

About me

Anjali Sud is CEO of Vimeo, the world’s largest ad-free online video platform dedicated to empowering creators.

Anjali previously served as General Manager and Senior Vice President of Vimeo’s core creator business, where she oversaw the growth of Vimeo’s community of over 90 million video creators, filmmakers and brands using Vimeo to upload and share their work. Prior to that Anjali led marketing at Vimeo, where she scaled revenue through customer acquisition and retention, international expansion and brand building. Before joining Vimeo, she held various positions in e-commerce and media at Amazon and Time Warner. Anjali holds a bachelor’s degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She was included in Fortune’s 2018 40 Under 40, their annual ranking of the most influential young people in business.

Business Portfolio

Vimeo empowers video creators to tell exceptional stories, and connect with their audiences and communities. Vimeo is the high-quality home for videos and the amazing people who create them.

Vimeo was founded by filmmakers who wanted a fun, easy, uncluttered way to share their work and moments from their lives. Even though vimeo community is much, much bigger now, Vimeo remain true to that philosophy. Vimeo continually strive to help people with a wide range of passions share the things they create and care about. Home to more than 70 million members in over 150 countries. Vimeo is one of the world’s largest ad-free open video platform. To that end, they provide powerful tools to host, share and sell videos in the highest quality possible.

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