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Tim is an entrepreneur and self-made Korean American immigrant, He went to the United States from Budapest, Hungary at the age of 18. and by the age of 31 he had became a self-made millionaire. He’s currently the VP at a privately-owned mid-sized company, and has given away over $45,000 in cash and products on his personal finance blog with more slated to come.

According to Tim, one of his many goals is to give away millions of dollars a year to aspiring entrepreneurs and to those in need.

Timothy S. Kim is currently the Vice President (Procurement and Inventory Management) of a mid-sized company based out of Orange County, in California, United States. He stated on his page this company has 5 branches and 70 employees.

Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Management, which he obtained from Biola University. He is also a certified personal trainer and licensed corrective exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Timothy S. Kim, loves to teach and inspire. He genuinely enjoy developing ,and talking about: finance, investing, career, fitness, faith, and life. Kim, 31, officially became a millionaire in 2017 and was featured by Business Insider and CNBCmakeit in 2018. Now with a net worth of over $1.32 million, he also manages the personal finance blog TubofCash.com where he hosts cash giveaways to readers and learners.

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Tub of Cash is a personal finance and career blog where  Tim is showcasing his mission to help generation Y and Z become financially literate, and strives to be a good mentor for people.

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